Explaining Everything

Explaining Everything

a man attempting to explain everything

However does one begin to explain it all?

Or could all ever be explored if one will not ever have enough time to explore the vastness that exists?

For what is human but what one is for the short duration they are here?

  Since we simply are the sum of our experiences…

And since all have experienced different instances we can never see perfectly eye to eye exactly on all things that have had existence throughout time.

Though time is the same box we all live through, in this box we have experienced all things pertaining to our individual self.

All mixed in with interactions with others (or lack thereof).

Those things are built from the interactions that raised us.  Whatever these interactions were taught us and guided us for the better or worst…

Who can stand before another human and proclaim one’s complete innocence?

Or who is courageous enough to proclaim they have the full truth on all things?

Our own thoughts condemn us at times and the secret thoughts grow until gone.

Everyone with their own secret thoughts.

Yet we understand such thing as good and correct must exist…

For if not we would not feel the condemnation we mentioned above.

As believers understanding that we are imperfect trying to live by the guidance of a Being who is beyond us, is the main point.

If this Being is the following things, we can rest assured in his wisdom.

This Being must be all-powerful, all-knowing, all-just, and all-righteous.

If this Being exists then no matter who you are,

He is able to guide you if you simply allow him to.


I search for others who are searching for Truth.

Others who want to speak about what Truth actually is amongst others who are adamantly searching too.

I believe it is possible, to anyone who is simply willing.


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