freeCodeCamp HTML & CSS

Here Is a list of each lesson in the freeCodeCamp HTML & CSS course.

 Say Hello to HTML Elements – This lesson is an introduction to html and syntax associated with it.

Headline with the h2 Element – This lesson covers heading tags in html5.

  1. Inform with the Paragraph Element – Learn about the paragraph tag.

    Uncomment HTML – Learn how to uncomment in html.

    Comment out HTML – Learn how to comment out html code, and why it’s important.

    Fill in the Blank with Placeholder Text – Learn about placeholder text(dummy text).

    Delete HTML Elements – This lesson shows how to delete an html element.

    Change the Color of Text – Learn how to change the color of your text.

    Use CSS Selectors to Style Elements – This lesson goes over CSS selectors, and how to apply them to elements.

    Use a CSS Class to Style an Element – Learn about classes, and how to use to to style an element.

    Style Multiple Elements with a CSS Class – Learn how to utilize classes to give certain elements same styling.

    Change the Font Size of an Element – This lesson explains how to change font size of an element.

    Set the Font Family of an Element – Learn how to set font family.

    Import a Google Font – This lesson explains how to import a Google font into your document.

    Specify How Fonts Should Degrade – Learn about fonts, and specify order of importance.

    Add Images to your Website – This lesson shows how to add images to your site.

    Size your Images – Learn about image sizes.

    Add Borders Around your Elements – This lesson covers borders and how to add around your elements.

    Add Rounded Corners with a Border Radius – Learn to add rounded corners to elements.

    Make Circular Images with a Border Radius – Learn to make an image circular.

    Link to External Pages with Anchor Elements – This lesson covers linking to external pages using anchor tags.

    Nest an Anchor Element within a Paragraph – Learn about nesting anchor elements.

    Make Dead Links using the Hash Symbol – This lesson covers creating dead links.

    Turn an Image into a Link – Learn how to turn an image into a link.

    Create a Bulleted Unordered List – This lesson covers creating bulleted unordered lists.

    Create an Ordered List – Learn how to create an ordered list.

    Create a Text Field – This lesson explains how to create a text field.

    Add Placeholder Text to a Text Field – Lear how to add placeholder text.

    Create a Form Element – This lesson covers creating form elements.

    Add a Submit Button to a Form – This lesson covers how to add a submit button.

    Use HTML5 to Require a Field – Learn how to require certain fields in a form.

    Create a Set of Radio Buttons – Learn how to create radio buttons.

    Create a Set of Checkboxes – This lesson covers creating checkboxes.

    Check Radio Buttons and Checkboxes by Default – This lesson teaches how to have buttons checked by default.

    Nest Many Elements within a Single Div Element – Learn about nesting elements within a div.

    Give a Background Color to a Div Element – Learn how to give a background color to a div.

    Set the ID of an Element – This lesson covers setting an ID of an element.

    Use an ID Attribute to Style an Element – This lesson covers using an ID attribute to style an element.

    Adjusting the Padding of an Element – Learn to adjust the padding of an element.

    Adjust the Margin of an Element – Learn to adjust the margin of an element.

    Add a Negative Margin to an Element – Learn about negative margin.

    Add Different Padding to Each Side of an Element – This lesson shows how to add individual padding to elements.

    Use Clockwise Notation to Specify the Padding of an Element – Learn about clockwise notation to specify padding of an element.

    Use Clockwise Notation to Specify the Margin of an Element – Learn about clockwise notation to specify margin of an element.

    Style the HTML Body Element – Learn about styling the body of an element.

    Inherit Styles from the Body Element – This lesson show how elements inherit styles from the body element.

    Prioritize One Style Over Another – Learn how to prioritize one style over another.

    Override Styles in Subsequent CSS – Learn about overriding styles in subsequent CSS.

    Override Class Declarations by Styling ID Attributes – This lesson explains overriding class declarations by using ID attributes.

    Override Class Declarations with Inline Styles – This lesson covers overriding class declarations using inline styles.

    Override All Other Styles by using Important – Learn how to override styles.

    Use Hex Code for Specific Colors -This lesson covers how hex colors work in html.

    Use Hex Code to Mix Colors  – Learn about mixing hex values to make unique colors.

    Use Abbreviated Hex Code – Learn how to abbreviate hex code.

    Use RGB values to Color Elements – This lesson covers RGB values.

    Use RGB to Mix Colors – Learn about mixing RGB values to make unique colors.

    HTML & CSS Wrap-up Applying What We Learned – This video takes what we learned and explains how to make a basic website from scratch.

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