freeCodeCamp’s Say Hello to HTML Elements

Welcome To Your First Lesson

This is the beginning of a series of lessons that will work on teaching you the basic concepts behind building a website.  This course will be utilizing freeCodeCamp’s lessons.

The first thing the lesson introduces us to is html elements, which usually look similar to this, the entire following line is considered an html element.

<tagname>Content Here</tagname>

Html elements have openings tags and most of the time also have closing tags.

<h1> Hello World </h1>

p style=”text-align: center;”>To create a page title or heading (more on this in the next lessons) you use an <h1> tag (opening tag), then write your text inside of the tag. When you are finished, you then add the closing tag at the end where you want your text to end.

To see a list of tags you can click here.  But we will cover the main tags in the following lessons!  

For this lesson just make sure to change add “World” after the word “Hello”.

Doing this should print:

Hello World

Congratulations, click next to continue on!


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