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Who Am I?

Who is Jose Moreno?

Jose Moreno is a programmer from the Central Valley of California.  He is passionate about teaching others to code and just as passionate about learning.  Jose plans on changing the world for the better.  He often likes to hear people’s points of view and their logic behind their beliefs.  Join him on his mission.

I am Jose Moreno(:

I am a human who likes to learn a lot of random things.  I like to program and develop cool apps.  This is my blog and I hope you enjoy the random stuff I write about.  I am from the central part of California.  The 209 to be exact.  I have been to prison and got into a lot of trouble when I was younger, but now I focus on helping make the world better.  I love teaching others to program.  Check out my page weWillCode which teaches you how to program.  The videos there are based on online courses from sites such as freeCodeCamp.

We are all a bunch of walking beliefs.  There are some beliefs founded on truth while others based simply on personal faith in those beliefs without the ability to objectively confirm them without introducing unverifiable speculations.
-Jose Moreno