What Does Jose Moreno Do?

He loves to Code, Skateboard, and talk about life.

Check out his coding videos on YouTube if you would like to get started with coding.

(This channel will be updated to contain skateboarding videos as well, and videos concerning life and stuff.)

Send him messages to talk about life and stuff. (209-233-5705) He believes in a objective purpose and would like to hear your world view and opinions regarding the universe and how it came into existence.

Californian, born and raised.  Ex-convict.  Programmer.  Developer. Artist(Instagram)…

But now really…. who is Jose Moreno?

Who Is Jose Moreno?

I am one in the sea of millions who carry the name Jose Moreno.  I have thought in the past to change my name for different reasons such as being overlooked when searching for employment, or other preconceived notions that accompany names of my culture.  Yet recently I have accepted and made it a mission to overcome these judgements while striving to reach my goals in life.

Who is Jose Moreno? He is a deep thinker who understands his inability to ever completely understand life and purpose, yet adamantly believes the Creator of the universe will reveal just enough to guide us along while we are here, if we desire it.

His Purpose

Jose Moreno aspires to make a difference in life, a difference in society, whereas in the past he lived for himself and foolishness, today he wishes to make the world a better place through education and reason.

He believes knowledge and reason should be shared mutually.  Jose takes what he learns and creates content for others to use with hopes of improving the planet.

Jose believes in ending extreme poverty.  One day will create a system that will end world poverty.

Jose Moreno is a dreamer who believes in his dreams.

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