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My Thoughts On A Creator

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Regarding A Creator

Some of the biggest questions we have and ponder about in this short and elusive life are those with regards to a creator.  Does one exist?  Is it personal or impersonal? All-powerful?  What kind of creator is it?

My early years in life had me always questioning beliefs regarding religion.  I am the type to investigate truth claims obsessively.  I was not always this way.  When I was a sophomore in high school I was swayed into the teachings of “The Law of Attraction”.  I had read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and became an adamant believer that I could bring things into being with enough belief!  The book attempts to deify humans if we believe enough.

Then I went to prison…

The first few months of prison really made me find contradictions in my previously held beliefs.  I  thought if 2 people believe 2 contradictory statements with enough faith, both beliefs could not come into being.

This was one of the first thoughts that really got me to study the veracity of different religions.  Also, science speaks about the big bang and how the universe had a beginning,  yet who started it all?  It could not have started itself since something can’t exist before itself.

I know many books claim to be true but one should look for evidence that supports claims made in individual religious texts.

Long story short, after reading many different books, I kept coming back to a personal creator which must exist, who exist outside of his creation.

This God must be all-powerful to create everything out of nothing.

This God must be perfect.

Why must this God be perfect?

Humans think about perfection but understand we are not perfect.   Since we are not perfect, but this God is, then He is perfectly able to guide those who willingly want to be guided by Him.

I am a Christian.

The above statement is where. many might begin to stop reading this.

I will not sit here and rant on about how you need to convert to Christianity.  Many might feel led to do such things but God has earnestly placed in my heart to simply tell people to search for Him.  He promises to guide any who simply want to turn to Him and seek Him out.  People can say a whole lot of things but it all comes down to the condition of the heart.  We are imperfect people in need of direction, I speak more on this here.

I will outline in another blog why I believe Christianity is true logically and rationally, this one was just a quick intro to why I believe a creator must exist.


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