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What Are We Without Direction?

Man With many arrows pointing in many directions

A Man Once Asked…

“What are we without direction?”

If we only move toward the pattern we are used to

and only strive along its path because of our familiarity with it,

will it not bring us into a circle from which there is no escape?

For is it not when one easily embraces new paradigms

and ably decides to willingly follow the Truth,

no matter where it leads,

that one is able to truly have direction?

But preconceptions have directed your paths

since the first perceptions you had.

Now you are a result of the events that have transpired mixed along with your view of them all

and how you decide to respond to them.

All have a world-view.

All have a religion.

Whatever your model is for the way that you view the world around you is your belief system.

We all, systematically, and ritualistically perform a myriad of actions all the days of our life

which were programmed or whose roots are intertwined with our very innate nature.

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