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Convincing Ourselves

Humanities Struggle

We strive to do what seems right unto our own eyes,

convincing ourselves all the days of our life.

We persuade ourselves others are wronging us and find reasons to shift our guilt or blame others.

Sometimes we even believe our own lies to free ourselves from our conscience.

Humans do this throughout their lives while finding comfort in their justifications.

Some find no rest later on when they begin to question their previous justifications.

This results in a striving for confirmation from others regarding the validity –or the invalidity– of past judgments,

though ultimately we are the ones who make our choices.

Until we cease to exist we will be incapable of ridding ourselves completely from our mistakes, incapacities, and ignorance.

Our lack of complete understanding should leave us with a yearning of gaining knowledge constantly.

The eyes of our mind should be,

at first,

focused on gaining knowledge and then

applying it as well.

Yet, there are many who are able to gain knowledge but are not possessed by the will to apply knowledge.

We all gain knowledge and apply it to an extent,

though it is all based on our way of looking at reality,

and the importance we place on such things.

If one is brought up to place little importance on such matters,

or to believe there is no objective way to view reality,

then it is safe to conclude,

with sound reasoning,

that the extent to which we can gain and apply knowledge is limited,

first to our upbringing,

and second,

to the constant individual choices,

we make throughout our life.

Knowing this,

we can strive to rationally make decisions based on the here and now,

and not hold onto beliefs simply because we were raised with them,

but because they align with reality.

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