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Church History

old ruin used to depict old church history

Church History

Originally the 1st-century church was persecuted.  It wasn’t until the 300’s that Satan got smart and understood that he was not going to be able to stop Christianity so he decided to join it.  This is when Constantine saw the cross in the sky and then makes Christianity, Rome’s religion.  Constantine wanted Rome (a primarily pagan culture) to adopt Christianity.  He did this by mixing pagan culture and holidays with the Christian religion.  It allowed the people to better absorb their new religion.  After this, the church went from being a living organism to more of an organization and we start to see a hierarchical form of the Church where power is in the hands of a few chosen men.  The common people at this time did not know how to read and did not have their own copy of scripture.  The common people saw the men in power as holier than they.

Corruption Continued

Over the years the “church” became more corrupt.  True Christians would arise and die to try to purge the corruption.  Finally, the protestant reformation began.  By now the bible was being printed and translations were being made in common tongues.  Martin Luther paved the road that broke away from the Catholicism that controlled most of the “Christian Church”.  From then, until now there has been a reformation going on and it Christianity is being purged to this day.  There are customs and traditions that were held by our Catholic ancestors that are wrong and are holding us back from a true book of Acts experience.

The Original Church

The original Church had no building.  They didn’t have planned 1-hour preachings by one man, while the rest of the people sat and listened.  Also, they didn’t go to “church” once or twice a week. The body of believers didn’t have certifications and training to be an accepted minister.  They had the Spirit of God in them.

The true Church is starting to see this.  We are waking up to the truth in these last days.  Instant access to God’s word is making it easier for people to see what is and is not Christianity.

We can see through scripture what defines a true Christian.  One who carries the Spirit of God in them, and walks in it.  One who walks as the very temple of God. Once we accept Jesus in our lives and turn from our old ways, God’s Spirit begins to guide us.  We begin to understand that life isn’t about us, but about serving others.  This can only come from first loving God.

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Church history is coming to a climax, and in the next few years a generation will arise like no other.

A generation is arising now which goes out into the world and not into a building.

A generation is arising now which reaches the lost of the world, and not only praying for their own selfish needs.

The true church is coming out from within all denominations and is ready to go out to the world and to unite with true believers who are not simply playing church, but who are ready to fulfill their true purpose.

God is calling all of us to unite together.  Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors, and Teachers must come together and work as one body.  For separated we cannot do much

Bruce Shelley has a great book regarding church history that is available on Amazon and goes into much  more detail


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