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In the Eye of the Storm

eye of the storm from space

Let me bluster out my disdain towards the enemy!

In The Eye Of a Storm is when I believe all is well.

That  is when I am most susceptible to danger.

I’ve been lost before, persuaded to think only of self.

But we can go beyond the mundane.

Though the media tells me to embrace gratifying my own desires, I understand that there is much more to life than pleasure.

There is definitely a lot to this planet, and I refuse to be a puppet to my own selfish thoughts.

We can correct what those of the past were not able to do.

We can fix and protect everyone in the room

Anyone you assume, is a person like you

who struggles till the death and needs encouragement too!

For there is told in histories past that sometimes plans don’t go according to plan.

Yet, with proper planning and appropriate handling life can…


At least be understood and show a purpose of I,

not a seeming defining by a standard of mine.

A moral absolute that is beyond the concept of time.

Where we see apparent design deep down the Divine…

We see it inscribed in all we can find

In the old testament we see the house of Israel become complacent many times in the biblical narrative.

They go through periods of living for God and others living for self and other gods.

I earnestly believe that to whom much is given much will be demanded.

God has entrusted us to proclaim His message and its not just pretending and pretentiously claiming to be a true Christian without actually doing the things we are COMMANDED to do.

Let’s unite as a body, regardless of what God has revealed to us, and where we are on our walk.

Yet we should never push our beliefs though we should use scripture when speaking with each other,

and allow God’s Spirit to move in us,

Which ALONE guides us to truth.

We can only pray for each other.

God does the rest!

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