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Hook Them While They’re Young

Believe rationally or be hooked like this here picture of a metal hook.

We consume ideas that are not our own.

Society’s conflicts connect us though.

Games are being played of which we don’t know.

We aim to explain what was read on a phone.

We claim to understand what we clearly don’t.

It is plain there are things we can never control.

A silent war targets the whole of all humanity,
A war, hidden by a culture’s nationality and ideology.

The problem is truly individual.

Individuals are targeted early on, consciously or unconsciously, and raised to believe the narratives directly around them, or at least, exposed to those narratives throughout their development to which they then act.

Some traditions are adopted unwittingly.

Those who most benefit from those traditions strive to perpetuate those stories.

Those with the means to do this fight with others with the means to do this.

Money, power, and manipulative guile are utilized to target specific audiences with content and ads that feed into chosen narratives.

These are often referred to as entertainment, for they enter and possess us. They leave us susceptible to the stories told when astutely crafted for the chosen audience.

Through demographic targeting, one can reach whoever they want. Groups of individuals can be easily aimed at and indoctrinated by clever use of appealing messaging by making references to already affirmed beliefs.

If you hook them while they’re young, the future becomes history.

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