A Real Design

A Real Design

Not only do we have a universe that had a beginning in which time, space, and matter came into existence, but we also have universal constants like gravity which are always in place. Not to mention, we also must ask what it is that keeps these laws constantly in place especially if there was a point in time when the laws were non-existent.

It’s just as fascinating to think about the enormous amount of information found in the smallest micro-organisms but even the micro-organism pales in comparison to the human being.  All the information that is embedded in the make-up of reality displays questions that must be asked.

Why is it that matter has instructions that tell it what to do, or what to become.  When asking whether or not a mind exists outside of the universe, we need to go based on where reality leads us.


You wouldn’t find a computer monitor on the ground and assume that it got there after millions and millions of years of evolution.


Did this…

Evolve into this…

Then this…

And now we are here…


There is a real design found on computers.  There is a real design found on living beings.  If you don’t assume chance made a computer monitor, how could you draw such a conclusion from humanity?  No rational human being would come to such a conclusion.  It is best explained by asking a simple question, is it reasonable to conclude that intelligent, personal, moral beings came about by an unintelligible, impersonal, amoral force?  And even then, with such a worldview, a type of creator is still present, it is just that to a non-believer, an impersonal, unintelligible, amoral force is the cause of everything you see… I just ask if you are a non-believer… Does this really make sense…?  Are we only chemical reactions caused by blind chance?

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