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An Intro to Statistics

a lesson on statistics, photo is of an increasing arrow fluctuating and going up

A survey concerning reading ebooks vs printed books

Surveys usually help us in improving or making adjustments to products or services. As well as to educate and attempt to explain questions. These may shape different aspects of our life. Surveys allow us to learn the insights and opinions of other people. One survey conducted by USA Today wanted to see if people prefer printed books over electronic ones. There were 281 respondents of which 35% preferred electronic books, while 65% preferred printed books. This survey may seem to suggest that most people rather read printed books than ebooks.

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Notes on Biology, An Intro to the Chemistry of Life

What are the building blocks of molecules?

This section will teach us how to:

  • Describe what matter and elements are
  • Describe the relationship between electrons, protons, & neutrons, as well as the different ways which electrons are shared between certain atoms
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What are the different ways to study sexuality?


Bio-medical research looks at the mechanism underlying sex. Research in bio-medicine has the most impact which is most practical concerning the sex lives of individuals. These include drug treatment (concerning reproductive cancers), hormone-based abortion and contraception, technologies that treat infertility, methods to prevent STIs, etc.

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Biology Notes Introduction to Life

What my Intro to Biology Study Guide Looks Like

Identify and describe the properties of life.  – Living things share some common properties. According to our online reading material the properties of life are order, sensitivity or response to stimuli, reproduction, adaption, growth and development, regulation, homeostasis, and energy processing.  These 8 characteristics characterize living things.  Life displays order through the organization of the organism.  Living things will either respond positively or negatively to stimuli.  Then, there is reproduction. which single-celled organisms are able to do by copying and duplicating its DNA. Once the information is copied it divides equally, while many multi-celled organisms produce special reproductive cells that form new individuals. DNA, which contains the genetics, are passed down to offspring after reproduction  Adaptation has to do with how a living organism “fits” into their environment and the process of natural selection allows for organisms to change accordingly to that environment.  Though adaption is not constant, whenever there are changes in the environment, the population of that environment will change to maximize their reproductive potential in accordance with those new changes. Growth and development is an obvious sign of something living and it happens based on the genes which were passed by the parents.  The regulation of all these complex processes happens constantly while that organism remains alive.  Even small organisms need a mechanism to coordinate and regulate internal functions. Homeostasis allows an organism to keep a constant internal state or “steady-state”.  A polar bear, for example, keeps homeostasis through a process called thermoregulation.  Last is energy processing.  All living organisms use a source of energy.  Energy allows for metabolic activities to happen.  Some organisms get their energy from the sun which is changed and converted into chemical energy.  Other organisms get their energy from molecules taken in.

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My Teen Years


If you are barely tuning in, you should probably start here. 

This writing is being created to explain a portion of my life.

I am Jose Moreno and this is part 2 of a series of writings I am creating attempting to explain my life thus far.

In my last blog entry,

I was explaining how a lot of my younger life was dictated by the media and things I saw as cool while growing up.

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My Younger Life

Jose Moreno, Javy Moreno, Anthony Moreno, and Samantha Moreno sitting on the grass

Central Valley Raised

This is an attempt to describe my younger life to up until a bit after my first arrest as a juvenile.

I was born and raised in the Central Valley of California.

The Valley is comprised of small towns, where the parties are in the cuts (country for you city people).

Everyone knows everyone, is what it means to be Central Valley raised.

It was just me until I was 3, then my brother was born.

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Gregarious Troglodyte

Gregarious Troglodyte prison picture black and white with guards and warden

Gregarious Troglodyte

(Written in Prison)

In a place where the sun hardly shines.

Where many laugh when the pain is hard to hide.

Reality seems paused, standing still, until you realize things keep going without you.

Your mind wanders plus distorts memories.

You start wondering how different life could have been, if only you knew then what you know now.

You don’t like meeting new people, or at least sometimes you feel like you don’t.

You tell yourself you need to change and maybe that’s why rebelling was so appealing.

Then you wonder if there is more to life.

There must be.  The perplexity of everything, the simplicity of nothing.

The concept of concept.

What is a thought?

How much does it weigh?

15385269923_e4cf56a8c1_mWhere were you before you were?

Cogito ergo sum. (I think, therefore I am).

So much you know.

So much you wish you didn’t…

What does it mean to you to be alone forever?

Separated and isolated.

In the dark.

With nothing but the memories you’ve collected,

Would that be punishment enough for the things that we’ve committed?

For the things we’ve thought?

Who considers himself not an evil person?

Self delusions are virulent and deadly, and can lead to our demise.

Don’t be deceived.

Trust not yourself, for you cannot be the perfect standard.

Neither can corrupt humanity.

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Billionaire Many Never Heard Of

who is Manoj_Bhargava

Who Is Manoj Bhargava?

If you are yet to hear of this man, you have certainly seen his product frequently every time you go to the gas station and grocery shopping.  5 Hour Energy was released to the market in 2004.  In less than 10 years, sales grew to over 1 billion dollars.  Now, 5 Hour Energy is estimated a worth of over 4 billion dollars.

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What Can One Do To Change

picture taking on rocks, with water visible and a city beyond the water, a place I would ponder changing

What Can You Do To Change?

What can one do to change when what one does is all he’s ever done?

And if all he ever did is all he ever does, will it be all he’ll ever do?

The logic doesn’t follow.

If we continually do something, what can one do to change it?

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Convincing Ourselves

Humanities Struggle

We strive to do what seems right unto our own eyes,

convincing ourselves all the days of our life.

We persuade ourselves others are wronging us and find reasons to shift our guilt or blame others.

Sometimes we even believe our own lies to free ourselves from our conscience.

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