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Hook Them While They’re Young

Believe rationally or be hooked like this here picture of a metal hook.

We consume ideas that are not our own.

Society’s conflicts connect us though.

Games are being played of which we don’t know.

We aim to explain what was read on a phone.

We claim to understand what we clearly don’t.

It is plain there are things we can never control.

A silent war targets the whole of all humanity,
A war, hidden by a culture’s nationality and ideology.

The problem is truly individual.

Individuals are targeted early on, consciously or unconsciously, and raised to believe the narratives directly around them, or at least, exposed to those narratives throughout their development to which they then act.

Some traditions are adopted unwittingly.

Those who most benefit from those traditions strive to perpetuate those stories.

Those with the means to do this fight with others with the means to do this.

Money, power, and manipulative guile are utilized to target specific audiences with content and ads that feed into chosen narratives.

These are often referred to as entertainment, for they enter and possess us. They leave us susceptible to the stories told when astutely crafted for the chosen audience.

Through demographic targeting, one can reach whoever they want. Groups of individuals can be easily aimed at and indoctrinated by clever use of appealing messaging by making references to already affirmed beliefs.

If you hook them while they’re young, the future becomes history.

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Divine Revelation

(This was written while incarcerated)

Do you have an explanation? A divine revelation?

This generation’s generation is full of changes.

Frustrated, in amazement.

All creation’s whole relation, to God’s imagination,

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Gregarious Troglodyte

Gregarious Troglodyte prison picture black and white with guards and warden

Gregarious Troglodyte

(Written in Prison)

In a place where the sun hardly shines.

Where many laugh when the pain is hard to hide.

Reality seems paused, standing still, until you realize things keep going without you.

Your mind wanders plus distorts memories.

You start wondering how different life could have been, if only you knew then what you know now.

You don’t like meeting new people, or at least sometimes you feel like you don’t.

You tell yourself you need to change and maybe that’s why rebelling was so appealing.

Then you wonder if there is more to life.

There must be.  The perplexity of everything, the simplicity of nothing.

The concept of concept.

What is a thought?

How much does it weigh?

15385269923_e4cf56a8c1_mWhere were you before you were?

Cogito ergo sum. (I think, therefore I am).

So much you know.

So much you wish you didn’t…

What does it mean to you to be alone forever?

Separated and isolated.

In the dark.

With nothing but the memories you’ve collected,

Would that be punishment enough for the things that we’ve committed?

For the things we’ve thought?

Who considers himself not an evil person?

Self delusions are virulent and deadly, and can lead to our demise.

Don’t be deceived.

Trust not yourself, for you cannot be the perfect standard.

Neither can corrupt humanity.

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What Can One Do To Change

picture taking on rocks, with water visible and a city beyond the water, a place I would ponder changing

What Can You Do To Change?

What can one do to change when what one does is all he’s ever done?

And if all he ever did is all he ever does, will it be all he’ll ever do?

The logic doesn’t follow.

If we continually do something, what can one do to change it?

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Convincing Ourselves

Humanities Struggle

We strive to do what seems right unto our own eyes,

convincing ourselves all the days of our life.

We persuade ourselves others are wronging us and find reasons to shift our guilt or blame others.

Sometimes we even believe our own lies to free ourselves from our conscience.

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What Are We Without Direction?

Man With many arrows pointing in many directions

A Man Once Asked…

“What are we without direction?”

If we only move toward the pattern we are used to

and only strive along its path because of our familiarity with it,

will it not bring us into a circle from which there is no escape?

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Human Observation

What Is Observed

One experiences human observation individually.

One observes constantly through the available senses and decides what makes sense to them.

Along the path of the journey, one begins to realize what they believe their purpose is.

Even those who believe there is no purpose, have made it their purpose to believe such things.

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