Objective Moral Law

An Objective Moral Law Must Exist

Everything can’t be relative.

Unless we can agree that there is an unchanging absolute point of reference to go by, anyone would be free to define good and evil as they wish.  Sure there are laws that may stop people from risking their actions, but one would not be able to tell that person they are actually wrong or doing something wrong.  Laws in societies change, and what was once forbidden becomes acceptable, yet this doesn’t prove the relativity of reality.  One can agree that humanity is imperfect.  It is rare for someone to state they are perfect and even if they do, their actions will show otherwise sooner or later.  Since humans are imperfect, laws that humans come up with are at times also imperfect.  Yet since I stated earlier that morality is evident and that we believe it is wrong when someone wrongs us, the only way to prove they are wrong is if you know what right is.  But since you are an imperfect human, you could not say you are absolutely sure your view on morality is perfect.  So we must seek to find what Perfect Morality is.

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