a believer with his head up and pondering on eternity

The Believer


What is a Believer?

Believers, according to my worldview, are those who believe in truth, and sincerely want to know what truth is.  
It is important to understand that everyone has different levels of understanding and that everyone is another you that could’ve been.  Our independent experiences and way of viewing reality must always be observed when dealing with another individual.  
A believer is someone who understands their limitation and yet seeks out the infinite.  A believer will argue and reason logically and believe that which is logical, even when it goes against previously held beliefs.  
It is clear people will always differ in beliefs, especially because of our individual levels of knowledge and understanding but it is not always beneficial to separate from into groups and denominations.  
It makes more sense to be able to meet with each other and argue and debate our beliefs using logical reasoning while upholding those universal moral standards which I believe are interwoven into reality and our very consciousness. 
This is the case, even while understanding that everyone has different cognitive faculties as well as different worldviews that were introduced through individual socialization.  
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