What is my Real Purpose?

Our purpose as believers can be summed up in 2 commandments

Loving God


Loving Others

Jesus tells us that the whole Law is fulfilled in these 2 commandments.  They must be done in order.  Without understanding what loving God means, we could never fulfill the second commandment.  We must understand that it is much more than just words.  Anyone can say they love, but love is made obvious through action.  As a believer, you already understand that the world is broken.  You understand our inability to be the perfect standard.  You also understand the need of direction since no human is perfect, and no human can be the perfect standard.  You understand that the reality around you points to an all-powerful creator.  This God is powerful enough to know the end from the beginning and has done things to fit with His perfect plan.  The beauty of the whole thing is that He gives us the ability to decide what we prioritize.

A lot of us can say we love God and others…. But we can tell the truth, by what our priorities are.

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