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The Non-Believer

This Is For Everyone

There are quite a few times in our short lives on this planet when we ponder and contemplate what everything truly means.  Our previous experiences take us in a certain direction and we end up believing things based on 4 factors.

  1. Sociological factor (depends on the people you are around most and those most influential in your life)
  2. Psychological factor (depends on our own feelings and hopes)
  3. Religious factor (depends on religious truth claims presented by pastors, gurus, priest, shamans, or even naturalist and adamant atheist or agnostic advocates)
  4. Philosophical factor– ( depends on making truth claims based on what is most logical and cohesive, what makes the most sense )

Which One Is Always Valid?

Of the 4 factors humanity uses to create their way of looking at the world, only one of those factors is free from error.  Sociologically speaking, even those people who impact our lives the most are fallible and can be mistaken.  Psychologically speaking, as humans, we tend to justify ourselves and lie to ourselves so we cannot fully trust ourselves either.  Religious people contradict each other and expect you to take their word and experiences concerning truth, but they also may be sincerely mistaken. Since they all can’t be true if they claim contrary truths.

What About Philosophy?

The word philosophy literally means love of wisdom.  When we truly observe the world around us we realize that in order to come to the truth, we must test out all truth claims and if they don’t align with what reality tells us when we take it as a whole, then it wouldn’t be rational to believe it.  When we actually look at all the different areas of thought that exist, the ultimate meaning of those things become philosophical assumptions that we individually make and should be based upon what is most logical and conclusive when every area is looked at.

All We Ask Is…

Don’t take our word, or your best friend’s, or your mothers or your guru’s.

Just ask yourself, what makes more sense when I examine the evidence presented.

Even if the answers take you away from your comfort zone, just keep asking your self “what is more rational when I examine all the evidence.

And remember,

We are not here to force you to believe anything, but only presenting evidence of the world around us, we all have free will to decide what to believe.

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