A Real Beginning

Beginning of Everything

How does science help us in our search for truth concerning the fundamental question concerning origin???

In the past, there were many who believed in the idea of an eternal universe.  For a long time, there was no real way of testing the veracity of the claim.  When the idea of a big bang surfaced from our studying of the cosmos, it taught what theist have been saying for centuries. There was a beginning.

When the universe is examined there is an expansion taking place and all of the reality around you is expanding outwards.  Science explains how time, space, and matter had a real beginning and did not exist before that point in time.  If you were to rewind time you would see everything in the known universe collapse on itself into a point of infinite density.  This is referred to as the point of singularity.


Now the universe is constantly expanding from an expansion that began at what science calls the big bang.  The scientist explains that before the big bang, forces like gravity and electromagnetism weren’t in place. This raises the question, why are there laws at all?  What keeps them in place?

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