Aren’t We Chemical Reactions?

Are We Just Chemical Reactions?

If you believe in the idea that all things are only chemical reactions then morality becomes preferences with no actual objective point of reference to determine what is truly right and wrong.  You also wouldn’t be able to tell the person you don’t agree with that they are wrong.  You could say you do not agree with them but ultimately they would be justified in the sense that they cannot help themselves since their chemical makeup has brought them to that point in life and has made them who they are.  Murderers, rapist, child molesters etc. would in a sense be justified since they cannot be anything other than the chemical reactions that make them up.  But we really don’t believe that it is okay for others to wrong us, as a matter a fact we become appalled and opposed to the idea, and I only ask if it makes sense to conclude that we are only chemical reactions?  Is the murder of innocent lives for no reason other than the pleasure one gets from it ever okay? Most would agree that there is something objectively wrong about it.  Sure there are those who partake in such things who do not view their actions as wrong.  So we then are brought to asking how could we verify claims concerning what is right and wrong?  Is there such a thing as an Objective Moral Law?

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