Why Should I Believe Anything?

Why Should You Believe Anything?

You should believe something when you can honestly say to yourself that it makes more sense than any other explanation.

This involves gathering information from all aspects of reality.  Science And history would definitely be of help as well!

In addition, things like morality are a bit harder to place into the realm of science, yet we’re all bound by our consciousness in regards to a perceived sense of morality.

Yet what does being wronged even mean if your worldview doesn’t hold to a belief in an objective moral law. Essentially if you take away something someone loves they feel wronged!  We feel wronged which means we assume to know what is right.  These are aspects we must look at cohesively and ask what worldview (religion) best fits all the different truths that we find given to us in the world around us… and within us.

The fact that the universe had a beginning is a reason to continually search for answers. This is not just my opinion but science teaches us that there was a real beginning to space, matter, and time.  Don’t just believe anything people tell you, believe something because it’s true.

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