Who Is Jose Moreno?

Programmer, Skateboarder, Ex-Convict

I am Jose Moreno:)

It is nice that you have dropped in and I am guessing you arrived in a search for knowledge.

If this is not the case here is a link to a humorous cat video.

But if you are seeking knowledge I would like you to know that this site strives for just that.

I am 26 years old and I strive to learn about technology.  I started my journey into the programming world about a year ago.  It was an instant love that happened when I printed my first “Hello World”.   I have a past but have made a promise to my self to bring positive change in the world forever. My dream is to continue learning daily, while helping others do the same thing.  I am from Newman, Ca. and I am willing to help you on your journey.

Text: (209)947-0002

Email: morenojr90@gmail.com

Instagram: jose_moreno90

Facebook: facebook.com/morenojr90

This site is all about learning to program!  We believe in the power of education and believe we should all strive to teach and learn from others!

To Code, Or Not To Code

Why Should I Care About Coding?

Why should anyone care about coding?  Does it even benefit us in any way?

My responses to these two questions in the past were either negative or neutral, but it was not until recently that I really started to take programming serious.

I have always like learning stuff and technical challenges ignited something within me that wouldn’t turn off until I figured out the answer.   Once I began my endeavor to learn about the computer and the mysterious metal and electricity within it, I was infatuated by it’s enigmatic propensities I encountered at every turn.  Every new thing I learned about, opened up hundreds of new questions, and this still seems to be the case, but I can say with certainty that programming has enhanced my ability to look at any problem (yes, even non-computer ones).  Computer science has infiltrated all modern career choices and is something I feel all should learn.

   What The Future Holds

A huge thing to consider if you are wondering whether or not to learn to program is what the future holds as far as career and job opportunities.  The fact is, more than 40 percent of the jobs that exist will be automated in about 20-30 years from now (maybe a lot sooner).  Automation is inevitable.  Businesses pay big dollars for programs that will cut cost of labor.  Machines can do most jobs a lot better than humans.  You should really think about your career choice in perspective and find out if your dream job might be taken by a computer in the future.

Where To Get Started?

So you have finally made the right decision?  You want to get your feet in the door? Are you as intrigued about that metal box as I am?  Then get started today, do not wait any longer!  Plus, you can start right now for free.  There is so many resources and courses available out there to aid in your journey.  I personally began with CodeAcademy.  This site provides many different courses on different languages that are available.  Starting with HTML, CSS, and Javascript can help you pick up concepts of how a webpage and programming intertwine and work together to make a website interactive.  There is also freeCodeCamp.  This site is awesome as well, and I have even made some videos for you to follow along with if you are interested, those are here.  Once you get comfortable with those courses and their language, you can dive into Harvards free computer science course CS50.  This course if deep, and has a lot of material, but all good stuff! I will personally be blogging and adding new courses and sites that I find helpful.  Check those out and always, Keep Calm And Code!