(Jose Moreno)

I am the creator of this site.  My name is Jose Moreno and I love knowledge and applying it (wisdom).  I also love teaching and learning from others while I teach.   I am currently attending a 10-month coding Bootcamp (Learners Guild) which aims at producing full-stack web developers.  Since I have started here I began with learning foundational web development technologies(HTML, CSS, & Javascript) and have since progressed from the frontend to the backend technologies(Nodejs, Express, etc).  I recently deployed my first app check it out here (We Will Code).

We Will Code

We Will Code is the first project I deployed recently to Heroku.  The purpose of my app is to make easier the learning process for those individuals who are taking online programming courses through sites such as freeCodeCamp and Codecademy.  Sometimes those lessons may be unclear and cause confusion and frustration that may discourage some trying to learn web development.  This application not only gives you the answer but explains the logic for it as well. My app was made using Nodejs.  Express is my framework of choice.   For templating I used EJS which is a language that allows us to embed Javascript in the browser.   I utilize Youtube’s API to get my channels information and create a courses page and lessons page out of playlists and videos.  It is still not finished but will be updated regularly to add functionality such as user login with assessments at the end of courses to test comprehension.

Personal Stuff:

I enjoy speaking about life and purpose.  I like questioning questioners!  Skateboarding is also pretty great.  I like debating sometimes, even when I agree with you (just to see your logic and justifications).  I like to write a lot and playing with words.

Music was a passion for me throughout my younger years.  Now I still create instrumentals when I have time as a form of relieving stress.