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Learn How to Program with JavaScript, 2022 & Beyond – Free Full Course!

with a lLearn how to program with javascript.

Welcome to my newest free full course, “Learn how to Program with JavaScript 2022” This last month I have really got back into teaching myself to program. In 2017 I went to a coding guild by the name of Learner’s Guild. There I began learning full-stack web development and created We Will Code which is a simple node.js app that grabs my Youtube Playlists through some API calls and displays them in a course-like way. You can tell in many of my earlier videos (many of them from freeCodecamp) that I did not really know what I was talking about, but doing the videos really helped me in teaching myself! Well it has been a while since I’ve programmed with JavaScript and my boss recently asked me to start learning React (more free content for you), so I thought I should brush up and learn together with you guys and gals.

What is included and what will I learn in this free full course, “Learn How to Program with JavaScript 2022”?

In this free course (based on the free “Learn JavaScript” course on Codecademy)you will learn about important JavaScript fundamentals. We will look at the different data types and how to read JavaScript code. The way the language is defined is its syntax. You will learn how to write your own JavaScript code starting with the console. Along the way, you will learn about arithmetic operators as well as conditionals and loops. The good stuff is towards the end when we get to learn about JavaScript objects and find out how JavaScript objects work and we can loop over objects inside of objects. Lists are powerful as well (In programming, lists, are called arrays)! We can loop over arrays and retrieve valuable information from within arrays and objects. I hope this free full course, “Learn How to Program with JavaScript 2022” is helpful to you!

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