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What Can One Do To Change

picture taking on rocks, with water visible and a city beyond the water, a place I would ponder changing

What Can You Do To Change?

What can one do to change when what one does is all he’s ever done?

And if all he ever did is all he ever does, will it be all he’ll ever do?

The logic doesn’t follow.

If we continually do something, what can one do to change it?

Though we have certain habits,

these things have not always been a part of one’s life.

At a point in life,  one introduces regular customs into one’s reality,

and from there may arise the possibility of a habit.

I suggest that we all have some external things which we habitually return to.

Whatever these different things are,

vary from person to person but the result is the same.

A habit can become an addiction when it negatively begins to impact your life,

and when you no longer have control over the habit.

But Always Remember…

Remember though, the ability for us to change any pattern is in our power.

The reason we do not change at times lies first in our motivation to change and second in our constant reverting to old ways of doing things.

As you repeat anything throughout your life, that repeated thing becomes embedded into your brain.

The more you repeat a thing the deeper it becomes interwoven into your very being.

In order for any change to happen, one will need to,

not only decide to change,

but be constantly aware of one’s tendency to revert to old ways when first attempting to change.

Creating new patterns is important when first attempting to change any behavior.

Finding and believing your new paradigm, or model is the first step.

Once you have a model of the world that you wish to adhere to,

let others know of your shift in beliefs and have them hold you accountable to your goals.

One must be humbled completely and allow others to question them and their doings without being offended ever.

If one is serious about change,

one should not be bothered by others questioning what we do until all can easily and honestly see that change has happened.

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