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Human Observation

What Is Observed

One experiences human observation individually.

One observes constantly through the available senses and decides what makes sense to them.

Along the path of the journey, one begins to realize what they believe their purpose is.

Even those who believe there is no purpose, have made it their purpose to believe such things.

There are those things which make more sense than others.

There is a way of looking at reality that is cohesive when looked at rationally and logically.

Of course these conflict depending on who we ask.

This makes sense since people are imperfect…

What Else Is Observed…

This brings me to another point of my own personal human observation.

We seem to universally understand we are not perfect.

We seem to see that we are not always good.

Of course, there are those who believe they might be perfect.

This is usually proved otherwise by those who know that person personally.

And You Know What Else…

All this talk about imperfection leads me to another observation!

How do we know what perfection looks like?

Some would say we are taught it by those who raised us.

I would say to an extent,

but there is something within us all which makes choices individually based on everything we are raised to believe.

If ideas of what is perfect, good, and right are not real but simply taught then one could never truly say a thing is right or wrong, or perfect or imperfect.

Yet that is not the case is it…

We all feel wronged when someone offends us.

If someone murders someone you love, you feel wronged.

If someone takes something of yours, you feel wronged.

Certain truths are universal,

though some may say otherwise until they are faced with it.

How Do We Know What Is Truth?

Since we have already proclaimed a humans knowledge of perfection yet his inability to achieve it,

how can one ever know the perfect truth?

We must seek deeper for the answer and realize that perfect truth is one with the creator of it.

All the universal laws that govern the universe,

all the perfect truths that exist,

point us to Him who is perfect.


a man attempting to explain everything

Explaining Everything

However does one begin to explain it all?

Or could all ever be explored if one will not ever have enough time to explore the vastness that exists?

For what is human but what one is for the short duration they are here?

  Since we simply are the sum of our experiences…

And since all have experienced different instances we can never see perfectly eye to eye exactly on all things that have had existence throughout time.

Though time is the same box we all live through, in this box we have experienced all things pertaining to our individual self.

All mixed in with interactions with others (or lack thereof).

Those things are built from the interactions that raised us.  Whatever these interactions were taught us and guided us for the better or worst…

Who can stand before another human and proclaim one’s complete innocence?

Or who is courageous enough to proclaim they have the full truth on all things?

Our own thoughts condemn us at times and the secret thoughts grow until gone.

Everyone with their own secret thoughts.

Yet we understand such thing as good and correct must exist…

For if not we would not feel the condemnation we mentioned above.

As believers understanding that we are imperfect trying to live by the guidance of a Being who is beyond us, is the main point.

If this Being is the following things, we can rest assured in his wisdom.

This Being must be all-powerful, all-knowing, all-just, and all-righteous.

If this Being exists then no matter who you are,

He is able to guide you if you simply allow him to.


I search for others who are searching for Truth.

Others who want to speak about what Truth actually is amongst others who are adamantly searching too.

I believe it is possible, to anyone who is simply willing.


god like scenery, clouds covering the sun and a big lake

My Thoughts On A Creator

Regarding A Creator

Some of the biggest questions we have and ponder about in this short and elusive life are those with regards to a creator.  Does one exist?  Is it personal or impersonal? All-powerful?  What kind of creator is it?

My early years in life had me always questioning beliefs regarding religion.  I am the type to investigate truth claims obsessively.  I was not always this way.  When I was a sophomore in high school I was swayed into the teachings of “The Law of Attraction”.  I had read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and became an adamant believer that I could bring things into being with enough belief!  The book attempts to deify humans if we believe enough.

Then I went to prison…

The first few months of prison really made me find contradictions in my previously held beliefs.  I  thought if 2 people believe 2 contradictory statements with enough faith, both beliefs could not come into being.

This was one of the first thoughts that really got me to study the veracity of different religions.  Also, science speaks about the big bang and how the universe had a beginning,  yet who started it all?  It could not have started itself since something can’t exist before itself.

I know many books claim to be true but one should look for evidence that supports claims made in individual religious texts.

Long story short, after reading many different books, I kept coming back to a personal creator which must exist, who exist outside of his creation.

This God must be all-powerful to create everything out of nothing.

This God must be perfect.

Why must this God be perfect?

Humans think about perfection but understand we are not perfect.   Since we are not perfect, but this God is, then He is perfectly able to guide those who willingly want to be guided by Him.

I am a Christian.

The above statement is where. many might begin to stop reading this.

I will not sit here and rant on about how you need to convert to Christianity.  Many might feel led to do such things but God has earnestly placed in my heart to simply tell people to search for Him.  He promises to guide any who simply want to turn to Him and seek Him out.  People can say a whole lot of things but it all comes down to the condition of the heart.  We are imperfect people in need of direction, I speak more on this here.

I will outline in another blog why I believe Christianity is true logically and rationally, this one was just a quick intro to why I believe a creator must exist.


picture of a galaxy that looks like an eye and makes you ponder your existence

 Can Anyone Know ‘What Is Purpose’ In 2018

 Can Anyone Know ‘What Is Purpose’ In 2018?

Purpose and meaning are things that have become more of an individual decision in our postmodern world.  Does this mean each individual is equally correct?   Seems like it when you ask the majority of people.  A common phrase spoken is “do what makes you happy”, or “follow your heart” and other such feel-good phrases.   How can one believe everyone should follow their heart when there are individuals who in so doing would destroy as many lives as possible?

See the contradiction there?

  If we were all to do whatever makes us happy all the time without limitations then a lot of people would be free to do things that would, in turn, hurt a lot of individuals.  Stealing would also be permissible as long as one’s not caught.  Lying would be the best choice in many situations.  Many unspeakable horrors would become permissible.  My thought is, ‘can we really define purpose individually’?

Can we trust ourselves with defining purpose on our own?  The first question I will raise is, do you consider yourself a perfect person?

This was the first eye-opening revelation that got me to question my purpose and meaning for being here.  If I believed myself to be perfect then logically I should follow my heart.  The thing is I understood I am not perfect.

What is perfection though…

Correct or incorrect.  RIght or wrong. Perfect or imperfect.

Good and evil is where it all points, but do objective morals even exist?  Some say there is no such thing as good and evil.  To some good and evil is simply a product of social conditioning.  They argue that is why different cultures have different laws and rules that may be different from other culture’s laws and rules.

This must then equate with morality being relative to where you are from.

Allow me to propose a different theory.  Though social conditioning happens, this does not mean there is no absolute morals or purpose.

This theory goes back to our imperfections.  We recently discussed a humans inability to be perfect.  When we look at the choices we have made we understand we fail and do things we later feel convictions about.  Since all humans deal with imperfections, this means kings, presidents, and rulers also are imperfect, which ultimately affects the laws and rules of a society.   Since different rulers struggle with different imperfections, different laws may be made legal.  This affects the society, therefore conditioning different cultures differently.

Let’s get back to objective morals.  We need to establish they have to exist.  Only then can we can establish what purpose is.  How can we do this?  Since we can’t verify this empirically, we need to use logic and faith.  I know, I know, there is that word you’ve been waiting to see.  Don’t shut me off just yet.  You see…

All of us have faith in different things.  No one is 100% about anything.  Living on this planet requires faith when you jump in your car or when you walk into the school or work.  Yet we have faith things will go a certain way.

Logic And Reason

The faith you have is based on logic and reason.  All beliefs we carry are based on assumptions we make after gathering information.  These assumptions are our logical conclusions.

When it comes to morality, meaning, and destiny we need to look at our assumptions of the world very carefully.  Is it logical to say that there is objective morality?  If you believe this then you would also agree that a person murdering your family is not objectively wrong, you simply have an opinion that it is wrong.  Or if someone steals your wallet, it isn’t wrong, you just feel it is wrong.

Is that logical…

Purpose can never truly be defined if there is no good or evil.  People would be free to make up purpose, and we could never be able to objectively tell someone otherwise.


Humans are imperfect yet understand such a thing as perfection must exist.  We know within ourselves love and hate exist, the question becomes, how can we define love and hate or good and evil if we are all imperfect.  My answer will be the start of another blog I will write soon when time allows.

— Jose Moreno

How To Fully Understand Web Development

The Web

Since the invention of the internet, there has been an escalation in the number of individuals who seek to learn how to fully understand web development.  In today’s day, this has been increasingly true with the growing number of people who are now online thanks to smart devices with mobile data and wi-fi, keeping us connected constantly.

The thing is that one quickly becomes overwhelmed by the amount of content available and can get lost in the amounts of technologies and information that is available for those technologies.  This was the case for me, and if I would have had a set path in my adolescence I would not have strayed away from a path I would soon return too many years later.  If you are seeking to learn web development, but have heard things such as “web development is dead”, I am here to tell you it is far from dead.  If anything it is augmented more daily.  And the opportunities are as wide as our imaginations.  This article seeks to give you an overview of how the web and web development work, which will allow you to start from the proper beginning (or my opinion of a proper beginning). Well, let’s dive into it, first off let’s find out what the web actually is.

Understanding the Web

A lot of people will often synonymously use “web” and “internet”.  Technically this use is not correct.  It is important to understand the differences to really understand web development. When we say internet, we really mean the huge network of connected devices (billions).  These devices can connect with each other as long as they are on the internet.  When we mention the “web”, we are talking about the pages of information (webpage) that we can view on the internet from a device.  These web pages live on servers which listen for requests from clients.  A client, for example, can be a web browser such as chrome.

What is a Protocol, HTTP Explained

Just like there are rules on how we speak with each other (such as waiting for someone to finish talking before beginning to speak), there are also rules governing the flow of information on the internet.  These rules are built into HTTP.  HTTP is short for HyperText Transfer Protocol and it determines how messages are transmitted and formatted.  Also, it decides the path a server and browser should take when responding to different commands

Request /Response


Understanding the Request/Response cycle is essential for understanding web development.  When a client makes a request to a site such as that request is sent through the internet and received by weWillCode’s server (if it exists, is running properly, and you are connected to the internet).  Depending on the request the server responds accordingly.  There will be code on that server which decides what to do with that request and sends a response back to the client. Then that response is received by say a web browser and interpreted (There are other types of clients besides web browsers find out more here).

Creating Stuff Web Pages

Once you understand the anatomy of HTTP requests and understand that one can make a request and receive a response, we after want to ask how can I create a web page?


I.M.O. The Best Way to Learn HTML Foundations

Understanding how to add structure to a webpage is the first thing. HTML (short for hypertext markup language is a language that allows us to define the structure and content of our page.  HTML code is made up of tags.  For example, if I wanted to create a heading with a tile of “Hello World” and a paragraph saying “Hello everybody on earth” I would type:

<h1>Hello World</h1>

<p>Hello everybody on earth</p>

This would print out:

Hello World

Hello everybody on earth

Learning HTML would help you understand the language many web pages are built from.


I.M.O. One of The Best Way to Learn CSS Foundations

After you understand how to add content and structure to your page, you can begin learning styling.  CSS short for Cascading Style Sheets allows us to decide how our HTML elements should be displayed.  You can add your CSS in your same HTML file using style tags(<style></style>, but it is better to create a separate file and include it in your HTML file(Find out how here). One is able to target elements on a page, such as those headings and paragraphs we talked about earlier, and add specific styling to them.  It is also possible to group elements into classes, or specify a unique element using an ID.  Here is an example targetting a heading 1 element and turning its font color blue and font size to 34px:

h1 {


font-size: 34px;


This would select all  h1 elements on the page and change their color to blue.  Learning the box model is indispensable when you get this far.  Once you learn how elements are positioned within the box model, it will facilitate making responsive websites.  After you feel comfortable in your HTML and CSS skills you can begin diving into the programming aspect.


I.M.O. The Best Way To Learn Javascript Foundations

HTML and CSS, only allow us to do so much.  Javascript is where the interactivity can really start.  Javascript can also be included in your HTML file using script tags(<script></script>), but is usually in a separate file and linked to your HTML(find out how here).  With javascript, we can begin to manipulate our web page through the DOM(Document Object Model). The DOM is a tree structure of our site and through Javascript, we can modify the DOM to add “events”.  An event can be a click of a button or by moving the mouse.  An example of this can be clicking a button that says “Click Me” to update an empty paragraph element.  The browser listens for a click event, and when that event happens, it runs the code within the event function.  An example of this could look like this


<button onclick=”myFunction()”>Click me</button>

<p id=”demo”></p>

function myFunction() {
document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML = “Hello World”;

When first loaded this would simply have a button that said clicked me.  This button listens for a click event, and when it hears it, it runs the code in the function myFunction() which is in the script tag.

If you are feeling comfortable with HTML, CSS, and Javascript check out how to make responsive web pages here.

What Next?

Congrats!  If you have made it thus far you have a pretty good overview of how web development works.  You should be feeling more confided when someone asks if you understand web development.  Next, you probably would want to learn about serving your website, and maybe storing data somewhere which can be updated, added to and deleted.  I would suggest learning more about Nodejs, and SQL.  Nodejs uses Javascript on the server.  This allows us to use Javascript outside of the browser.  Once we can do this, one can use Express to serve web pages.  After we are serving our pages on a server, we can connect it to a database.  I like SQL (but that’s just my preference and different situations cause for different technologies).  I will explain Nodejs and SQL in a later post.  Hope you guys learned something.  And remember, Web Dev will never die.  (:

Who Am I?

Who is Jose Moreno?

Jose Moreno is a programmer from the Central Valley of California.  He is passionate about teaching others to code and just as passionate about learning.  Jose plans on changing the world for the better.  He often likes to hear people’s points of view and their logic behind their beliefs.  Join him on his mission.

I am Jose Moreno(:

I am a human who likes to learn a lot of random things.  I like to program and develop cool apps.  This is my blog and I hope you enjoy the random stuff I write about.  I am from the central part of California.  The 209 to be exact.  I have been to prison and got into a lot of trouble when I was younger, but now I focus on helping make the world better.  I love teaching others to program.  Check out my page weWillCode which teaches you how to program.  The videos there are based on online courses from sites such as freeCodeCamp.

We are all a bunch of walking beliefs.  There are some beliefs founded on truth while others based simply on personal faith in those beliefs without the ability to objectively confirm them without introducing unverifiable speculations.
-Jose Moreno